Purpose of creating on-line electronics retail store for students

For students of vocational training institutes, technical, science and engineering universities, designing to build electronics experiments, it is hard to find electrical parts, devices, circuit boards, development boards, teaching and learning gadgets, locally, as well import from abroad.

For quality is another big issue as the local market is full of cheap Hong Kong rejected stuff giving unsatisfactory performance and often even fail to work at all.

Though learning through kit-building attitude vanish in 1990s,, but now again engineers learn that “You learn only when you make technical projects with your hands”

So, at we decided to cater this crucial student’s need through this website offering all electrical / electronic / robotics / kits / development board from world leading makers (like TI, Digilent, Analogue Devices, Element-14, AVNET, K&H & GW Instek etc. etc.) , at one place, through RASTEK, being well-known to all               technical / science and engineering institutions of the country.

And surely, we will continue to add up this line card and keep on offering student-centric products kits, learning stuff on almost daily basis.

INSHA’ALLAH, website will soon be the top rated and most visited website in the electronics user community and we are fully committed to providing you with full access to our products and services through “INTERNET”.

Stay tune with us, we are sure, you will be watching a lot from this website about learning and understanding electronics and its miracles in daily like and as how to make this fascinating technology.

And for sure, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thanks you for choosing