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Founded in 1999, Company name ROBOTIS derived in response to the philosophical question “What is a robot?” and since then ROBOTIS have been commercializing personal robots. Korea-USA based manufacturing company mastered in robotics and its accessories products. Working with high tech embedded motor modules to highly qualified and well skilled workers makes them unique. Bringing advancement in technology rapidly is the key of their growth.

ROBOTIS deals in miniature stem kits to research based humanoid robots. Their vast variety gives customer a flexibility to buy a specific product for his needs. Their smart actuators communicate on TTL, RS485 communication channels, also giving user ease of PID gain and torque control. These advanced actuators are Low Current-High Voltage drives which gives your project more battery time than many others. Modified heat Sinks, direct screw assembly, compact size and reduced wire stress are the key features of their actuators.

Robotics platforms covers STEM modules, hobbyist, research and advanced robots with a friendly humanoid robot platform, advanced computational power, sophisticated sensors, high payload capacity and dynamic motion ability covering exciting research and educational activities. Premium, GP, Mini, STEM, Dream and Play are the key Do-It-Yourself products in enabling user to quickly adopt with robotics environment. These kits can be used for school projects as well as advanced robot projects whereas Open Platform (OP) series provide user freedom to do more complex tasks like face tracking, colour and face detection, Artificial Intelligence etc. with clean and simple architecture. These robots give access to immense robotic control with up to 6 DOF mechanisms, multiple sensors and powering the Intel processor with 1800mAh battery.

Motivation and inspirations came from creativity and universality, and through these techniques ROBOTIS make childhood dreams come true and hope to make our future a happy world merged together with robots and humans.

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