List of products by manufacturer Xpartner

Shanghai xPartner Robotics Co., Ltd, founded in 1996, is the first sophisticated technology enterprise specializing in partner-robots in the world.

xPartner launched its first educational robot in 1998. Since its establishment, xPartner has dedicated itself to the research and development of educational robots. After a 17-year endeavor, it has become world-renowned and has received much praise from clients. The company is now a global leader and pioneer in the field of educational robots.

Dr. Weimin Yun, founder of xPartner, first put forward the theory of General Behavior Structure. He also set the foundation of Biological Robotics and Educational Robotics. In 1998, Dr. Yun was invited to attend a luncheon with President Bill Cliton, and discussed the theme "My dream for China". Besides, Dr. Yun was awarded the title of world leader of educational robotots by U.S. Trinity College in 2001.