Logic Probe LP-2800 Maximize

Logic Probe LP-2800

Testing TTL and CMOS 
      Displaying pulse presence and logic states
      Catching pulse to 30ns or pulse trains to 17MHz
      Input overvoltage protection
      Special function for LP-3500
ABS csae
Two audio tones
Two exterminals
They are also available for LP-2800 but at extra charge

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- Input impedance. 1MΩ
- Width of min. pulse: 30 ns.
- Max.input frequency: 17 MHz.
- Measurable logic gate
   * Logic1(red LED lights) and buzzer: 
     TTL: 2.3V ± 0.2V 
     CMOS: 70%Vcc.
   * Logic 0 (green LED lights) and buzzer: 
     TTL: 0.8V ± 0.2V 
     CMOS: 30%Vcc.
- Dimensions: 
   * 212 x 26.5 x 18mm, 65g main body
   * 235 x 78 x 32mm, 210g with case
- Input overvoltage protection: ± 220V DC/AC 15sec.
- Pulse(yellow LED) flashing time: 500ms.